Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The finale of...The Meadham Kirchhoff Saga! - Fall 2012.

- Fall 2012 -
The Meadham Kirchhoff Saga has come to an end! Congratulations to you Meadham Kirchhoff fangirls out there who have survived and didn't get bored of my unstoppable posts! I'm actually quite sad this has ended, but I'm also excited to write yet another post about this gorgeous, fluffy, glittery, flowy, cosy, monster-esque Fall 2012 collection! After I first found Meadham Kirchhoff on Rookie, I think I hyperventilated about 10000000000000000000 times, and died 2 (actually, maybe 3). But after I found Style.com, I found that there was WAY more to this collection than I thought there was. After that, I don't even think I hyperventilated. I instantly died and was in a coma for a month or two (actually, maybe 3). So yeah, my clone was writing my blog for me while I was in critical condition. Anyways, lets stop procrastinating shall we?
I love and crave and drool and need this collection more than I do with sleep, and that is a big thing for a lackadaisical teen to say! I love the monster-esque vibes! The gloves! (OH, THE GLOVES!) The make up! (OH, THE MAKE UP!) The coats! (OH, MA GAD! THE COATS! GIVE. IT. TO. ME! *Hyperventilated, fainted. The clone comes in and writes for me*) You know what else is great? The glitter, the tinsel, the fur, the patches, the everything. I can't talk about this collection any longer because I, Edie's clone, may hyperventilate and shut down, and this post will be no more. So lets get to the conclusion here.
The absolute best thing about Meadham Kirchhoff's collections are that you could (I mean, how can you not?) wear their pieces out in everyday life. Unlike some crazy designers that make things that make you think "HOW?" and are considered art, and it's how they show their emotions or something like that. Yes I'm talking to you Alexander McQueen!
Well, I guess this is the end. Thanks for obsessing over Meadham Kirchhoff with me! I seriously had a good time! I've got to go now, and eat some chicken, and I should probably call an ambulance to see if Edie is alive. Bye now!
Source: Style.com


  1. I wasn't a fan before (because I wasn't super aware of their stuff) but after reading all your blog posts and seeing the pictures I'm a fully signed up Meadham Kirchhoff Fan! I think I may love Fall 2012 the best... ~ Siouxie

    1. I'm glad I have convinced you to become a Meadham Kirchhoff fangirl/creepy stalker, hehe! Thank you for reading my blarg! xx

    2. I see that you're a Pretty in Pink/Duckie fan! I've been listening to Psychedelic Furs a lot lately. If you haven't heard it, listen to their Midnight to Midnight album. It's got the Pretty in Pink song, and all the other songs also sound like 80s soundtracks. ~Siouxie

    3. Yes, yes. I do occasionally long for Duckie Dale to be my best friend and we could walk around dressed in layers of thrifted hobo-like outfits together. *Dreamy sigh* And I have heard of the Psychedelic Furs before, but I haven't really taken a moment to sit and listen to their music. I sure will though! Thanks Siouxie! Oh, and I just wanted to say that your name sounds rad. Like Siouxie Sioux! So cool. \^w^/ xoxo