Friday, April 25, 2014

I am my own teen cult classic.

I'm yellow this weekend! Yippee! I love the yellow, especially when it's styled like Weetzie's do. :)

I've worn this skirt with this Mickey jumper together a few times, but with my growing colour coordinating skillz and experimentation with hair and make up, this by far has to be my favourite outcome. I was influenced by teen cult classics, like Clueless, Heathers, Ghost World, and Daria.

Also, this sweater is the biz! A wicked sweater collection is what I'm aiming for. I mean, it can't be that hard to thrift something as easily as I did this original Mickey Mouse one, right? (Yep, it's thrifted alright!) Why can't this sweater all of a sudden end up in a thrift shop especially for me? Ugh!

Likewise, do you like how my background is similar to my Mickey piece? Pretty clever huh? Yayah!

What I wore:
- Mickey Mouse sweater: Thrifted.
- Smiley pin: Two dollar shop.
- Tartan skirt: Thrifted.
- Black socks: Stolen from my Dad.
- Saddle shoes: Ebay.

Here's a mini (or not so mini) mood board of what inspired mwah. The quotes amuse me a little too much, hehe.


  1. I'm smitten over your sweater. c:

    1. Not as much as I am! Hehe, thank you Loreal for your comment. <3