Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Keeping it simple.

School holidays are finally here! Well the second week of it. So far I have been redecorating my bedroom! I'm so happy with it and will definitely post pics when it's 100% finished.
Oversized, simple dresses are where it's at for me these holidays. I've been wearing this oversized, floral dress I found during my Mum's wardrobe cleanout quite a lot (it's actually pretty gross), and I wanted to post about it, but I wasn't happy with the photo's I took. I'll have to take some more soon. But this here is another simple outfit I'm happy with, especially with my blue hair and brows! >.<

I have worn this dress on my blog before, but I love it so much I just had to post about it again. \^.^/ I have been super ecstatic about my outfits lately! I know I said it before in my last "What I wore" post, but at the moment I feel as if nothing bad could happen with them. Maybe it's my brows? Or that I am experimenting more and more with my makeup? OOOR that I can rub unicorn poop colours into my hair in a moment! Whatever it is, I'm never going to stop. No sir, I'm not ending what I have now started.
I have to say, I feel my style has grown quite a lot since I first started this blog. I mean, compare this recent outfit, with this one from when I first begun obsessing over fashion. Wow, I'm so excited for what is yet to come! I LOVE YOU FASHION! I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN! Oooookay, I've gotta stop drinking tea, too much caffeine! (Yeah, I'm a tea girl now. I have cute little tea parties with the knitted tea-pot cosies and biscuits! Get over it! Haha)

I wish I could dye my hair this colour, but my school wouldn't allow it. Damn you and your rules against people's happiness!

Anyways, here are some closer pictures of my makeup. I'm so happy with it that I've officially made it my everyday eye makeup! It isn't too dressy, and isn't too blah, you know what I mean? Gwen Stefani and Bjork would have to be my main inspirations for it. Oh, and Jenny, one of my recent finds who runs a rad shop called Mind The Mustard and has a lot to do with it too. Once again, I am totes inspired by another amazing gal. I was so close to waxing my eyebrows off, dudes! Her makeup and style and hair and, well everything, are just so great! Girls are awesome! Please don't stop being awesome! GRRRL POWER!
I love these socks! And I love these shoes! I'm running out of things to write on this thing. I just love everything and am feeling so happy! Yay! Happiness is the best! Stay with me forever! Haha :)

 What I wore:
- Black, oversized dress: Mum's cleanout.
- Virgin Mary socks: Dangerfield.
- Platforms: Mum's cleanout.

Hopefully I'll get motivated and draw something soon, it's been a while. Oh, pencil! I missed you! Or even sew something! Gosh, school has really taken it out of me. I'll make sure to make something totes tasty to make it up to my wardrobe. Haha, maybe another Meadham Kirchhoff replica! Ohhhhhhh! I'm so excited!

Anyways, here are some more silly selfies. See y'all laterz! \>.</


  1. your hair looks super cute like this


    1. Thanks Adele.<3 I'm a crazy fan of your blog, so thank you for taking your time to read mine! :)