Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Sensation.

I am very much in love with this outfit I put together today. I've been throwing quite a lot of effort into my outfits lately, along with my makeup and hair! So I guess all of that time I spent drinking tea and looking at Pinterest, collections and things payed off! Yippee for inspiration! (And laziness!)

Quite a lot of inspiration came from Instagram actually. I found the No Frills Twins. They are singers from Sydney (I LIVE IN THE SAME COUNTRY AS THEM, AHHHH) who love fashion, wearing the coolest makeup, and eating KFC's Zinger Burgers. They even wrote a song about it! Anyways, they inspired me to be experimental with my makeup, and I think you should probably (DEFINITELY) check them out.

I painted my nails again. They're drippy and in blue this time! Yay! \!.!/

Hayley Williams was sending me vibes through her music videos and I couldn't stand not having orange hair for at least a day or two. So I got out my pastels and did what had to be done. I did my eyebrows too!

What I wore:
- Flower headband: Handmade.
- Flower necklace: A couple of flower clips from Diva clipped onto a necklace.
- Shirt: Mum's cleanout.
- Bracelets: Gifts.
- Jumpsuit: Thrifted.
- Tuk creepers: A shoe shop in the city somewhere.

I guess I all of a sudden had an epiphany. This outfit has made me very happy, you could even say this outfit has given me a "New Sensation".
I love INXS! I have been obsessing over their Kick album for quite a while now. Oh, and you can't forget their Live Baby Live album either. It makes me want to get up and dance all dorky and stuff, haha.

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  1. I love your orange hair, it's quite amazing.