Sunday, April 20, 2014

Outfit of that one week.

Here is that dress I so gross-ly wore for a week. Don't worry, I washed it before I took these. Smelly fumes won't be seeping out of your computer screen, haha :)

As I said in this post, I stole this dress from Mum when she was cleaning her wardrobe out. I love that it's a simple shape, but made from not so simple fabric. So this dress alone doesn't look like you're a lazy bum altogether, do you know what I mean? It was my favourite possession for a bit, but I guess I got bored of it after a while knowing I had a whole wardrobe full of other things I could start getting experimental with. I started wearing this dress when I first got into tea, so I name it my tea party dress. But I'll never get bored of tea, no sir!

I think these pixie boots add to the tea party look. I just love them so much! But I'm afraid this could be the last time I wear them. I was prancing around the backyard, (LIKE A PIXIE! Haha! PUNNN!) (Ahem! ANYWAYS!) and the heel just ripped off! Well, I guess I saw that coming, they were cheap, nasty, synthetic shoes that were disguised as awesome pixie boots I just HAD. TO. BUY! UGH! They have been peeling a lot ever since I first got them, and I kinda didn't mind it because I liked naming them my Duckie shoes. But now, they're dead! :( Maybe I could get my handy Dad to help me fix them? Wish me luck! Pray for my Duckie shoes!

No matter what, this crown will always be one of my favourite possessions, along with the other ones I've been making recently. I absolutely love wearing them with unicorn poop coloured hair, but now my blue is washed out for school. Ugh, why do schools have so many rules against rainbow people?! It's tooooorture! *Sigh* I'm using my pastels to experiment with natural hair colours though, I've gone brown today! I might keep it in for the first week of school, don't you think? I love my thick brows brown too, eyebrows are awesome! \^.^/

Here's a picture I WAS happy with out of the first bunch of pics I took.

What I wore:
- Meadham Kirchhoff crown: Handmade.
- Cat earrings: Ebay.
- Hello Kitty necklace: Kept from when I was a kiddie.
- Floral dress: Mum's cleanout.
- Ring: Thrifted.
- Detachable frills on socks: Handmade.
- Duckie pixie boots: Retrostar shop.

In my last post I was going on about how I need to draw and sew and do other things more. Well, there is one little artwork I forgot to show you. In art class we got to do Pop Art again! And this time I decided to draw the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. I love how it turned out. I'm so proud of myself! *Wipes proud tear from face*


  1. omg that dress looks so cute with your dress! and crown <3

    1. I'm wearing two dresses? Hehe, thank you Adele for your rad words. xx

  2. Love the dress! Hope you're not too bored of it to never wear it again. <3
    Sometimes swiping things from mom's closet is the best!

    1. Oh yes, you could never get tired of swiping clothes from Mum's closet. xx