Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Art Journal

This is my art journal, my all time favourite possession. Actually, this year is my first year using an art journal. In the past years I've just written in a diary, but this year I'm getting arty and creative! I also feel totally organized with my lists and things. I love it so much that I want YOU to have a look inside! Well, I'm only showing the non-private pages. The ultra-private pages and diary entries are either not photographed, or blocked with paper that reads, "PRIVATE PAGE. FOR MY EYES ONLY!!!" So yeah, don't even try sneaking a peek at my thoughts, hehe :)

The second (first for you) page is of my New Year's Resolutions. I'm not really going by them anymore, I'm just letting whatever happen, happen. I find New Year's Resolutions stressful, because at the end of the year when you then realize you haven't done anything on your list, you start whining about how lazy you were or whatever. And as much as I would love to get a job and start shopping like mad, I've got exams and stuff this year, and I want to blog, sew and do other things that I love to do as well. So yah, that first resolution is definitely not happening. I might get the other four resolutions accomplished without even trying though! :)
Anyways, enough about procrastination and New Year's Resolutions. Do you like my little collage of Jesus and Virgin Mary holding Chupa Chups?! That shit cray! I also added in a list of my favourite albums at that moment. You probably can't read it, so the albums arrrrre:
- Heroine ~ Lorde
- Yesus ~ Kanye West
- Visions ~ Grimes
- Live through this ~ Hole
- The best of Les Rita Mitsouko ~ Les Rita Mitsouko

Here's a little page of my discoveries at that time.

On the left is a super secret envelope, with a super secret inside (Shhhhhh!), and on the right is a little comic of a dream I had about Tavi and I! It was so amazing that I just HAD to make a comic of it, well actually this is only one part of it. I haven't done the other bits, and I probably never will, but I did write down everything I could remember. Like when we talked about dying our pit hair pink, when we rang Arabelle and glitter flew out of Tavi's phone, OH and when we went shopping and ended up meeting a friend of hers who ran a game show called Walk or Dive. If he disliked what you were wearing you had to dive into some uber gross pool, but if he loved your outfit you could walk away. IT WAS SO WEIRD! (He ended up loving my ensemble if you wanted to know) But yeah, here is part one, when I first found her in my backyard *.*

Here's the other half of my comic, and on the other page is a little list of things I have to remind myself to blog about.

A fold out list that is! \^w^/ Yay!

On the left, a letter I've written to myself in the future (which I wrote a couple of years ago). And on the right, an envelope full of nice thingys people say that make me feel happy :) Kinda like an envelope full of affirmations. The way I coloured it was inspired by Minna Gilligan (who is an illustrator for rookie) 's work.

A couple of pages about a free dress day I was excited about.

Some pages about when I first found the No Frills Twins in a Dolly magazine.

Some Sky Ferreira fangirl pages.

Some fabulous, mini envelopes full of diary entries.

And lastly, a page of some wise words from one of my favourite Instagrammer's, Caleb Sheppard, who shapes his eyebrows to be so sharp they could kill! Haha! He's just too damn awesome with his platforms and style.
On the other page is a playlist of my favourite songs at the moment.

So that's just about it for now. Maybe I'll post about my journal soon, or just at the end of the year, or maybe never, I don't know. I'll probably be posting about these stylish babes I've been drawing some time soon. I'm just going to draw three more and I'll post! One thing I won't be posting about any time soon are pics of my bedroom I told you I would take. I've got so many more ideas like shrines and more posters. I'm also waiting for the opportunity to paint my white, mundane walls! Ohhh, when I do, I'm painting them the colour of Marlena's walls! I think the colour would coordinate well with all of my junk and stuff. I'm so excited! And can't wait to post about it when I get the chance. But for now, chiao!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mini Tumblr #7

Source: Melanie Martinez's Instagram (@littlebodybigheart)
Helloooooooo there! I've been doing quite a lot of drawing at the moment, especially in my Art Journal. My Journal is one of my favourite possessions right now. I draw my favourite peeps, make playlists of my favourite music, the usual diary entries, collages. I'll hopefully post some non-private pages of it some time soon, along with some other babes I've been drawing lately in "My Little Book (/folder) Of Awesome." But for now here's a Mini Tumblr post.

Source: Style Bubble
I've been fangirling over a collection Susie Bubble blogged about recently. Au Jour Le Jour is the name of their label, and this wonderful garment is from their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. It's full of cats, dogs, lips and many other patterns. I am just so in love, and I totally advise you to go and check it out.

Source: via Pinterest
This outfit Hayley Williams wears in her music video "Still into you" is something I wish to own before I die.

Source: via Pinterest
Source: via Pinterest
Some more dreamy Meadham Kirchhoff pics I found drifting around Pinterest. 

Source: via Pinterest, and the cover of AnOther Magazine
Along with this amazing Comme des Garçon look. 

Source: Hirari Ikeda's Instagram (@ikedahirari)
Source: via Pinterest
A couple of make up looks I'm obsessed with. 
These lovely ladies are: Emily Browning as Baby Doll in the movie Sucker Punch, and Hirari Ikeda.

Source: via Pinterest
Source: via Pinterest
While on the subject of makeup, I've been paying a bit too much attention to eyelashes and eyebrows lately. Actually, I've been getting up half-an-hour earlier all throughout the week so I could take my time drawing in my eyebrows. It's totally worth it though! I'm very happy with them! I also found a pack of false eyelashes in the bathroom drawer the other day, and I'm hoping to attach them soon for the first time ever! I wonder what I'll look like with them on. Hmmm...

Source: @aliencreature's Instagram
Source: @aliencreature's Instagram
Source: @aliencreature's Instagram
Another thing I've been paying attention to lately are big, chunky platforms! This gurl from Instagram has quite the collection. I'm also into her lavender hair and style. So rad!

Source: @aliencreature's Instagram
Source: @aliencreature's Instagram
Source: @aliencreature's Instagram
Here's some music video's I've been dancing to...

Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse

Paramore - Ain't it fun

Janelle Monáe featuring Erykah Badu - Q.U.E.E.N
 Paramore - Ignorance

Bye now.