Friday, June 27, 2014

Overall, these are made from curtains.

Woohoo! School is over! Exams are over! Waking up early is over! Studying every single day until I feel as if my brain is about to explode is over! I am finally free! Well, for two weeks. I've got so many thangs I just can't wait to do. Like having Adventure Time marathons, sewing noice garments, chalking my hair into prrrty colours. I'm also excited about posting about things that I've been wanting to for many weeks! Lets begin this blog posting frenzy, with some overalls I made about a month ago :3

Take a guess, what do you think they're made from? They're made from curtains, thrifted curtains that is! Yeah, my rad Mum bought them from our trusty op-shop, and after that I just had idea's flowing in and out of my brain! At first I thought they would make a good jacket, like Tavi's "Laugh In" one. But then I thought overalls and I stuck with that! I'm so proud of myself because I feel as if they're pretty well made compared to some other thingys I've made, haha!

I've been wearing them soooo much lately! They are just so comfortable, colourful, and just ugh! A down side is that when I wear them with a jacket or jumper, I feel like they look like pajama bottoms, eww! So I try to wear them without one. Other than that, I feel super fab in them! I'm also feeling fresh with my freshly trimmed and dyed hair as well. Yay!

What I wore:
- Cat bowler hat: Dangerfield.
- White singlet: Probably Target.
- Overalls: Handmade by the extra talented meeee! Lol :3
- Platforms: Mum's wardrobe cleanout.

Post again later my kitties :3

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