Thursday, July 3, 2014

# S E L F I E

Hai! Today I forced my mum to take quite a heap of photos of mwah, or in other words, S E L F I E S! There is always a time when you take a wonderful selfie, and you just think, "Dayum, I look fabulous today!" :3 So today I thought I'd get out of bed, put on some fab makeup, and take some photos to make me feel awesome about myself after a few days of doing absolutely nothing, hehe. I also wanted to take some pics before I get this beautifully coloured chalk washed out of my hair, AND because I would like to update my profile pics on everythang (Instagram, Twitter etc.), especially with my mohawk. With my profile pics, I've used pics from this post where my hair is worn down. I now wear my hair up more than I do down, and my eyebrow game has grown quite stronger since that post. So I needs me an update on my profile piccys, PRONTO! Hehe :3
In these selfies, I've decided to throw on thus lovely dress because I absolutely adore how it looks with blue hair and brows! Another thing you can probably notice is that I'm wearing false lashes! AND FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!! Eeep! They felt quite strange to wear at first, and I think they may be a teensy-weensy bit to long, but I love how they look photographed.<3

I wanted to wear my red lippy for a couple of pics, and I think they turned out fantabulously! 

What I wore:
- Face: From Jesus! Haha lol I am so funny, ugh.
- Dress: Mum's wardrobe cleanout.

I am SO happy with these photos! I'm ecstatic right now! I'm gonna have some pretty shweet profile pics for the near future as well as right now. Oh, before I end this selfie post, I thought I'd show you a silly pic I took while selfie-ing it up, hehe. 

You will understand this face after you watch this video. My friends, my fam and I, all end up having conversations in the tone Jimmy Fallon makes in this "Ew!" series (Yep, there are many other videos too!). It's really funny, I'll probably get you hooked on it too! Get ready to talk all ew-y, haha. EW! :3

Laterz dweebs :3


  1. The dress is absolutely adorable! And the blue is stunning too :P

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and I am in LOVEEEE!! Keep up the radness u cutie <3