Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Visions of extreme fluffiness and green-ness.

Hai :3 Here's a little thingy I made during the holidays, which I would've posted about earlier but I got terribly ill. Ugh! Anyways, that's finally over and now I can brag about this shweet item that I'm proud of.

I was seriously way too tempted to make this. You'll understand this feeling once you realize that you fangirl WAAY too much over dresses posted on Instagram, every, single, god damn, day, by fab brands such as Mind The Mustard and Somewhere Nowhere, and notice that they would actually only take a couple of hours to make yourself. These rad dresses I speak of, are something like thus and thus, and as simple as they look, I just love them! I guess simple dresses are fun because you have more options to accessorize them with :3

Also, just putting it out there, this fluffy fabric is just so damn warm and cosy, and the colour is just too much for me to handle, and that, my friends, is what makes me wonder if my mum lied to me about it being thrtifted. Hehe :3

While I was fangirling over these simple but totally rad dresses, I had a vision. This vision was of orange hair styled like Billy Turnbull's, paired with this green fluffy dress, cat eyes, fierce brows, and platforms. Also, not to mention my brand new Hayley Williams necklace I made...

...AND my new sunnies. Which I am totally in love with, and can't stop hugging creepily...

Anyways, this image came to mind, pulled me out of my procrastination-ness, and came out with an even better result than I had hoped for! Don't you just love terrific visions that come to you unexpectedly?

I guess I added tinges of pink to my hair so it could link to my necklace in a way. Also, my eyebrows are looking, JUST SAYING :) But yah, lately I've realized that my eyebrows have been getting a bit out of hand, and that they were just getting bigger and bigger and it was kinda scaring me. >.< So I've adjusted them by taking out some of the bulkiness, spacing them out more, and angling them, and I have to say I am in love with them. I also adore them in this colour, and wish I could dye my hair like this. Anyways, my eyebrow talk is over now! :3

Do you love the glasses? I mean, seriously :3
What I wore:
- Sunnies: Market thrifted.
- Hayley Williams necklace: Handmade.
- Rad dress of extreme fluffiness and green-ness: Handmade.
- Leopard print socks: Dangerfield.
- Platforms: Mum's wardrobe cleanout.

Laterz Dweebz xx

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