Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Can't think of a sixteenth birthday pun, so...

HAAAY! Guess what? I'm sixteen! Well, I turned sixteen two weeks ago, but ah well it's still awesome :3 

I thought I'd write a little post to show off the fab gifts I was given on my birthday, which I am so in love with by the way. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE GIFTS, YOU WONDERFUL HUMANS!!

Anyways, this lil outfit here consists of two new gifts, gifts which I bought myself with my birthday money :3 I'm wearing a new shirt that I got from Dangerfield, and some new Lime Crime lipstick (called Wicked, it's a Velvetine!) which I am head over heels for! Eeek! I wore these two gifts together when I went out rollerskating with my rad friends to celebrate my sixteen-ness.

In this picture I'm happily enjoying this Mickey Mouse sweater I received from my lovely Aunty (THANK YOU SO MUCH! I TOTALLY ADORE IT, AHHH! :3), and ANOTHER rad Lime Crime lippy (called No She Didn't) which I bought with my cash. I've been dying to wear this blue for god knows how long, and now that I own it I wear it constantly. It's just so bright and addictive! DAAAH!

This sweater here is another slinkster-cool gift I got from my lovely Auntie. I'm also wearing A.N.O.T.H.E.R new Lime Crime lippy (this one's called My Beautiful Rocket)! This orange looks and feels as wonderful as I wished it would on ma lips, just like the other two lipsticks I bought. My Lime Crime collection is coming along fabulously by the way, and I have to say I could not be any happier with it :3 Yippee!!

Some other thingy majigys I've gotten are:

Two records which I have absolutely been dying for! I mean seriously, I have been waiting to find these albums in vinyl since F O R E V E R \^.^/ 

- Paramore: Paramore
- City and Colour: Little Hell

Some shweet books that I'm really excited about getting stuck into.

 - The Abundance of Kathrerines: John Green
 - Adventure Time Encyclopaedia: It's written by Martin Olsen, but I like the thought that Hunson Abadeer wrote it. Hehe :3

A whole lot of makeup (EEEP!) which I am not going to put into a list, hehe.

Oh, and this gorgeous bracelet I got from my Nanny! I think it looks fab with my favourite bracelets which I wear every, single, god-damn, day! I'm not even sorry, haha. The "BEST CHICKA" bracelet is a best friend bracelet which my best bud has a copy of. And the "TAVI" bracelet is a fangirl  bracelet that I got from my pen pal, Lily, who is waaaaaay rad. She says that she has a "TAVI" bracelet too, and that violent fangirl vibes flow though them while they're worn. And guys, she definitely wasn't wrong :3

Okay guys, I've left the most absolute, amazing gift of all gifts in the history of gifts EVER, until last. Now I just want to warn you all that I died about five and a half times (or maybe it was five and seven tenths? Hmmm) once I opened this prezzie. So be warned. They are truly beautiful, they are the soul-mate of my feet, they are...

P L A T F O R M  D O C T O R  M A R T E N S ! ! ! !
This pair of shoes have been on my mind for a very, very, very long time. I've seen them on people all around the web (Hayley Williams!!! \^0^/), and now that they are on my feet, I AM JUST OVERLY ECSTATIC!! AHHHH! I'm afraid no more words can be said, I'm sorry guys. Except that these brick tights are new and from Dangerfield. Yay!

Laterz Dweebs xx


  1. Hope you had a great birthday! Ugh, those gifts are so cool, enjoy them! :D

    1. Naw. Thank you so much, darling :3 I had a totally fabulous day xx