Sunday, August 31, 2014

She spent a day in the city? Oh, No She Didn't!

Hello Dweebs and Dweebettes! Today I thought I might post (yeah yeah, two weeks after. But who really gives a damn?!) about what I wore on this fabulous day out in the city for my birthday! My mum and I took the bus to the train station and then rode on out to the wonderful city of Melbourne, where we walked about, ate yummalicious food, and shopped for the raddest of things. I just freaking love the city!! (If you haven't already noticed, hehe) I mean, who the heck doesn't, right? :3
Also, do you guys like the Lime Crime pun in my post title? Pretty clever eh? Heh heh, lel!

What I wore:
- Duckie sunnies: Thrifted.
- Clear backpack: Dangerfield.
- Tartan jacket: Borrowed from my mum who thrifted it.
- Girls All Over Me tee: Wacky Wacko.
- USA badge: Thrifted.
- Hayley Williams Necklace: Handmade by mwah.
- Tartan kilt: Thrifted.
- Fishnet stockings: Stolen from Mother's lovely wardrobe :D
- Platform Doc Martens: Solestruck.

Laterz Dweebz xx

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