Wednesday, September 24, 2014

All for one and one for-m-all

Hay People! Last Friday I had my year 10 formal, AND IT WAS AMAZEBALLS!

The night was truly fabulous! I mean, everyone was dressed quite beautifully and in their own individual ways, the food was absolutely yummalicious, and the view from this Sky High restaurant was just gorgeous! We spent the night posing for photos, looking our best (of course), oh and not to mention the dancing. Oh man, the dancing and raving was awesome! There were waaaaay too many good dance moves out there that I did not know of, haha. They were also giving out awards, like best smile, best dancer, and they even gave an award to someone for being the best Sheldon! (You know, from The Big Bang Theory?) I was pretty lucky to receive one myself! I got an award for being the most unique, and I'd have to say that I couldn't be any happier about it :3

Before the raving and the posing, my rad friends and I all pitched in and hired a limo! (Which was so overly exciting because I had never ever been in a limo before) So we arrived to our formal in styyyyle *insert cool swaggy emoji here* We sang along to some sweet tunes and admired how awesome we all looked...IN A GOD DAMN LIMO!

Okay, so I explained how wickedly amazing my formal was, and how wickedly amazing the ride there was, but I haven't explained how wickedly amazing the after party was. It was probably the best and loveliest after party I could have gone to. We sat around this fire while talking endlessly about whatever, eating marshmallows (THANK YOU, TAYLA! (aka Twirly Tinki)), waving around sprinklers and glow sticks, and listening to our rad friend, Will, play guitar. After hours of doing that, we all adventured down to Seven Eleven at 1:00 at night (Yes, sorta like my friend's party :3) bought a tonne of food, and skipped and ran through this empty car park. IT WAS AWESOME! Unfortunately, we didn't keep our word by telling each other we wouldn't sleep at all, because everyone was out of it by 5;00am, hehe. But I don't mind, I had the most perfect time.

Now, lets get onto what I wore to the occasion, shall we? I'll begin with the dress, which I so gladly made myself. Although Mum of course told me what to do and whatever else I needed help with, THANKS MUM! But yah, I was inspired by Romance Was Born's Magic Mushroom Collection. This dress here to be exact. Finding fabric was very difficult since Romance Was Born made their very own fabric. But I happily came across this fab fabric (or FABric, HAHAHA! Oh, I'm good :)) and fell in love with it. I added things like boning, buttons, zips (Well, one zip), and lining, and I have to say I am quite ecstatic with it's total outcome! Also, Mum helped me out and made these cute arm thingys. THANKS AGAIN, MUM! :3

Now, onto something that I tried on at the last minute. My makeup! Yep, I hadn't done a dress rehearsal until two days before the actual event because that's when I finished my dress, dyed my hair, and got my shoes together (Procratination working at its best, huh? Heh heh). I'm glad I had an idea about what I wanted to do which turned out just as good as I wished. 

I wore my Velvetine Lime Crime lipstick, cat eyes with some gold eye shadow, a few rhinestones and these extreeeeeeemely amazing Napoleon Perdis Lashes! Oh man, they were an absolute bitch to apply at first, (Also they were pretty heavy) but after I practiced, and practiced, and practiced (and practiced (and practiced)), they weren't a big deal at all. I got lots of comments on them, even moths were attracted to them! Haha! The story is that I felt something heavy on my lashes and I thought it was a hair at first, but it turned out a moth was sitting on them, haha. Oh, that was funny. 

Okay guys, this is my favourite bit of my formal outfit. Something I've been wanting to D.I.Y since     F O R E V E R ! ! Brace yourselves, people. For these are inspired by the one, the only, and not to mention my favourite designers in the whole world...

....M E A D H A M  K I R C H H O F F !

MmmmHmmmm, I finally did it! I made my very own Meadham Kirchhoff shoes! Did you hear that? I SAID I MADE MY VERY OWN MEADHAM KIRCHHOFF SHOES!! I really wanted to do a tutorial on how to make them, but we were kinda in a hurry, and I wasn't sure how good the quality of them would be. BUT THEY TURNED OUT SO GOOD OMG!! 

I started out with glittering up my shews (WHICH WERE THRIFTED BY THE WAY!!) with glitter mixed up with craft glue, then I stuck down everything else with hot glue! They were actually way easier to make than I thought they would, and I love how they look with wedges and not platforms, like the original masterpieces are. Also, they didn't fall apart after the night of constant dancing, so I'm reeeeally happy with that. *Dreamy sigh* I'm going to keep these shoes forever.

Also I bejeweled these tights if you couldn't see. I thought about these tights I bejeweled a while back and thought that it would be a slinkster-cool idea for my formal outfit. Mum gave me advice to make the gems small and silver so they aren't too much. She also said that I could surprise people with them, and when she means surprise she means blind them when the gems shine in the light, MWAHAHAHA. Nah, unfortunately they didn't blind anyone, but they let off a little shimmer which did in-fact make people say, "Oh you've got gems on your tights! I didn't notice!"

What I wore:
- Diamond Earrings: Lovisa
- Romance Was Born inspired dress: Handmade by mwah.
- Arm thingys (I don't know what they're called, haha): Handmade by my wonderful mother.
- Ring: Stolen from Mum's jewelery stash.
- SURPRISE-YOU'RE-NOW-BLIND tights: D.I.Yed by me.
- Meadham Kirchhoff inspired shoes: D.I.Y.ed by meeeee. 

Yeah yeah, this post is long, WHO CARES?! But I'm gonna end it now...
...with some more photos!!!

Here are some photos of me and my forever fabulous and rad friends on the night. AND THEN IT'S THE END OF THIS POST I PROMISE!

Here we are in front of our limo of amazing-ness.

Me and Twirly Tinki are being way sassy over here :3 Just sayin'

Here are some selfies of me and ma gals. Milly (aka Madam Amellinity, she has a rad blog too) is on the right, WHO LOOKED AMAZING WITH HER HAIR STRAIGHTENED! I MEAN, DAYUM GUUURL. Ahem, but anyways. Tayla is on the left, looking as hawt as eva :3

 Also here is my sass-tastic gal, Abby. Who I really enjoyed dancing with. Same with my friend Teah! DAYUM THAT GIRL CAN MOVE!

I also got a pic with my lovely friend Bree, who looked gorgeous like always...

...and then a pic with my radical, talented-as-ever friend, Will! Well, Katelyn too, she photo-bombed the photo, haha! There was quite a large amount of photo-bombing happening that night, but the photo-bombing in this pic is tremendously fab. Haha lol! ^.^ THANKS KATELYN!

This photo here has to be the best though.

Everyone ended up posing like the gal from this meme, and I feel as if it was by far the best group photo we ever took at the formal. I just love silly photos, eeek! :3

Okay I'm done now! Laterz Dweebs xx


  1. Oh wow, you look amazing! I can't believe you made that dress, I'm in awe! (And your mum sounds like the most awesome lady ever btw). Glad you had such a great time :)

    1. Thank you!! Yeah, my mum is quite the awesome lady, hehe. <3

  2. Haha, the fun thing about the whole post is, that you went to an occassion been called "formal" in THIS outfit. Your outfit is incredibly marvelous. I love your version of the dress even more then the original one. And the lashes, and the tights and the shoes... All sooooo good! When I started reading your blog about two years ago or so, I had a feeling that there is something really great coming. YES! I love it, when I'm right ;)

    1. Aw, this comment made me blush, hehe. <3 You're a total sweetheart! Thank you so so sooooo much for following my blog and for leaving lovely complements along the way. xx