Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The ensembles you missed - Part 2

This here is my favourite free dress outfit of the year! As soon as I found out the theme was orange, I instantly knew what I'd wear. This batman dress is basically the only orange thing in my wardrobe. It's so different, and you can't really find it anywhere. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! My mum told me that she used to wear a dress exactly like this one all the time as a teen when my auntie found it for her. They were best buds in their teen days, and now they're related! Haha, cool right? Anyways, my auntie then found another one for me and I can't thank her enough for it. It's rad as hell! THANK YOU SAH MUCH, I LOVE YOUUUU!

So while putting this outfit together, I found these socks in my mum's draw and I've kind of claimed them. Oops ;/ Ever since I found them I have been wearing them 24/7. I wear them to school, at home when I'm chillin', and when I go out to where ever. You can also wear them inside out so you can wear them with or without stripes. I love thigh high socks so much, even when they're bunched down as well. They are one of my favourite accessories. Also, I took Mum's white pair too, soznotsoz.

I felt a bit naked and uncomfortable in just this dress and nothing over it, so I snatched this jumper from my mum's closet! It keeps me warm, it's oversized (you guys know how much I love oversized garments), and it's a bit see through so it still shows what I'm wearing underneath. It reminds me of a jumper Sky Ferreira wears (and THAT jumper reminded me of the sweaters in the burglar scene in the movie Drop Dead Fred), and I was fangirling over Sky so much at this time. So you guys could probably see that I NEEEEEDED IT!

I really liked my hair and makeup in this outfit as well! I thought I'd add some orange in there somewhere too. If I had my orange lipstick, I so would've worn it! In fact, my birthday (the day I was planning on getting me some Lime Crime) was a couple of days after! I remember a lot of exciting things happening in that week, hehe :3

What I wore:
- Cat bowler hat: Dangerfield.
- Striped jumper: Borrowed from my mum.
- Batman dress: A gift from my auntie.
- Striped socks: Stolen from my lovely mum, oops.
- Platforms: Mum's wardrobe cleanout.

For the last free dress day I decided to go all Halloween themed on everybody's asses, since it was Halloween :) This free dress day surprisingly wasn't themed at all actually. I totally wanted to dress up in a rad as costume, but I found this spooky ensemble fab enough to enjoy wearing.

I've had this dress I made for quite some time with nowhere to wear it and felt that it was quite appropriate to wear on an occasion like Halloween. As you can see because of the fabric, hehe. Other bits and pieces that added to my creepy put together was my Lydia Deetz necklace, my skull earrings, this dark purple M.A.C lipstick, my gooey green coloured hair and my superstitious black cat tights. OH, and speaking of superstitious black cats...

...my cubby kitty, Mr PePe, decided to join in on my photos! He's such a poser.

What I wore:
- Skull earrings: I actually have no idea.
- Lydia Deetz necklace: Handmade.
- Halloween fabric dress: Handmade.
- Belt: Thrifted.
- Ruffle dress underneath the Halloween fabric dress: A gift.
- Well improved bracelet game: Handmade/gift from pen pal.
- Cat tights: Dangerfield.
- Platformed Doc Martens: Solestruck.

HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A 'LATERZ DWEEBZ' FOR THE LAST TIME OF 2014! Thank you all so much for reading and commenting on my blog! It's so cool to know people like what I like and enjoy reading about whatever the heck I like to talk about on this thing. I love you peeps! 

Laterz Dweebz xx

Monday, December 29, 2014

The ensembles you missed - Part 1

Hey dweebs! As you can see, it is the end of the year! The end of 2014! WOOHOO! I think this year has been a crazy good and important year for me. I feel like I've grown so much in just a year. My style has grown, I've gotten WAY more into music, I've written on my blog loads more, I have made quite a few seriously cool friends and have gotten out into the world and have had so much fun! Also, I can't forget receiving a special package from the one and only Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff, right? Hehe :3 Being younger, I don't think I could imagine this very year turning out this rad. Being in the group of friends I am now, dressing like I do, listening to the music I listen to, and having a Lime Crime lipstick collection this big, haha. I'm very very excited about what is yet to come.
Now something I believed I've improved doing this year is putting together fabulous ensembles. I've always shown you on this here blargh of mine my favourite outfits I've put together throughout the year. But a few ensembles I haven't shown you yet, is what I've worn to my free dress days at school, which are days that I always get seriously excited about. I've photographed every outfit I've worn to these exciting days of fun and rad-ness so I could post about them at the end of the year, and that time is now! YAY! I made two separate posts about them because its all way too much to put into one, so yah.

I didn't take too many photos of this outfit because the eye makeup made my eyes look funny, haha. I didn't wear this makeup to my first free dress day because I wasn't too into makeup then. I took the opprtunity to add this fab but not so fab makeup for the photos because I didn't come up with the idea of making this post until my second free dress day, soooooo yah.
The dress code was "colourful". I was going to wear this seriously colourful dress with these gogo boots (I even wrote a page or two in my art journal about this free dress day, remember?), but I ended up thinking how uncomfortable wearing a strapless dress at school would be, and I ended up wearing lots and lots of pink instead.

What I wore: 
- Ice cream earrings: Diva.
- Pink leather jacket: Thrifted.
- Badges: Thrifted.
- Meadham Kirchhoff overalls: Handmade.
- Bracelets (OMG! LOOK AT MY BRACELET GAME! HAH!): Handmade and a gift from my pen pal.
- Gogo boots: Thrifted.

My second free dress day theme was, get ready for it......OP-SHOP!! IT WAS SO DAMN PERFECT!!! ERMAGHERD! I guess I could've worn anything I wanted since half of my wardrobe is practically thrifted, but I decided to really try and make it op-shop-ish. The weather was quite chilly as well, so I had to be warm. I was kinda looking for a stylish hobo kind of vibe, ya know? I spent quite some time looking for what to wear. I looked through my mum's closet as well as mine, and eventually found something cosy and op-shopp-y! This shawl I found really helped me out because until I found it I was pretty stuck on where to go next with my outfit. It was also super warm, and collaborated well with my handmade plaid/tartan skirt, which I guess looks pretty hobo-like.

Other than accomplishing my stylish hobo-ness, I made this outfit pretty interesting...

...by making another outfit underneath my shawl! I love it when you end up having two outfits in one, because I feel like it isn't easy to make them both equally rad. So you feel like you are a professional stylist or something, haha lol.

Everyone found my Lydia Deetz neckalace terrifying, haha! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

What I wore:
- Lydia Deetz necklace: Handmade.
- Shawl: Borrowed from my mother.
- Black crop top: From a bellydancer outfit, HAH.
- Suspenders: Borrowed from my mother.
- Ring and bracelets: Thrifted, handmade, and gifts.
- Plaid/tartan hobo-esque skirt: Handmade.

I'm hoping I'm organised and get the second half of this post posted tomorrow!

Laterz Dweebz xx

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Going all Hayley Williams on your butts!

HELLO PEOPLES! HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE, MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND HAPPY BOXING DAY! My Christmas was quite the rad one. Instead of gifts under the tree my brother and I got money that we've been spending for the past couple of days. I've bought myself a few records, Rookie Yearbook Three, a Spongebob boxset of EVERY SEASON UP TO SEASON EIGHT OH MY GOSH, I'M PREPARED FOR LIFE! And yeah, a few other bits and pieces. I got myself more Lime Crime then I intended to because the guy at the counter told me that Lime Crime won't be selling in Australia anymore! *cries forever and ever and ever* So I got myself three Velvetines, which you will most definitely see me wearing soon. My Lime Crime lipstick stash is coming along quite awesomely, by the way. Anyways, I'm planning on spending some of my cash in a couple of days with my seriously amazeballs and rad city trip friends. We'll see what I find, eh?

So as you can see, I've finally gone all Hayley Williams on your butts! Haha, I love my hair so much dyed like this. YES, I DYED IT. IT WASN'T THE PASTEL CHALKS' DOING. I was fangirling so hard over gals with split dyed hair. Like Melanie Martinez, and of course Hayley Williams. Dying your hair several colours forces you to get creative with the colour schemes in your outfits, so I was really excited!

As soon as I was putting together my first outfit to go with my new do, I decided I needed to wear this skirt and my orange Lime Crime lippy. So I based the outfit around those bits and pieces. This jacket looks perf as heck with this outfit, AND I'M IN LOVE, UGH! I also wanted to wear my handmade Hayley Williams necklace, but it shattered after I was at this park with my buds, had a go at this flying fox ride, and crushed it. I was really, really, really, (really, really, (really, really, really)) sad about it, because it was my favourite necklace ever :( *sigh* Well, I'll make a new Hayley and hope that it will turn out looking even better! YAS!

What I wore:
- Jacket: Thrifted.
- Lydia Deetz Necklace: Handmade.
- Bracelets: Handmade/gift from rad pen pal.
- Skirt: Thrifted.
- Platforms: Mum's wardrobe cleanout.

Laterz Dweebz xx

Monday, December 22, 2014

A happy shirt of happiness

Helloooooooooooo hello! Hehe, how are y'all? I'm feeling pretty happy with this happy shirt of happiness. WHICH I PICKED UP AT THE OP SHOP! I went to the op shop the other day for the first time in a while, and this is what I found! What's even better is that it was from my favourite shop, Dangerfield!

This top is really big, so big that it could fit my dad! But there's no way I could give this shirt away, MMMHMM NO WAY, BABAY! By the way, I like oversized shirts. Along with oversized sweaters and dresses. I wore this outfit a few nights ago when me and my seriously cool buds, Tayla and Bree, turned up to a talented friend of ours (pssst, it's William :)) to see him play guitar at an end of the year concert at his music school! We didn't tell him we were gonna turn up, so it was a surprise. He played songs like Red Hot Chilli Peppers' 'Californication' and Paramore's 'Aint It Fun'. Certain people were chosen to play the Paramore song, so it was really cool that Will got chosen! The drummer in that band was crazy good! He makes me want to improve my drumming skills even more! Luckily he didn't see us before he performed, or he probably would've shat himself, haha! I know I would've! So we sneaked up behind him after the concert and scared him. He was horrified, but he really appreciated us coming to see him and I was really glad! :3 Other than surprising Will, the whole gig was really cool, and everyone performed awesomely! I really enjoyed it!

This shirt is all I've been wearing for the past few days. HAHA EW. But yeah, as simple as it is, I really like this outfit. I love black skinny jeans, I love deadly, platformed Doc Martens, and I love oversized shirts with happy faces all over them.

I know this probably wasn't a very exciting outfit like one covered in Meadham Kirchhoff or a whole lotta layers. But this shirt needed its own post cause I love it sah much!.

What I wore:
- Oversized smiley face shirt: Thrifted.
- Bracelets: Handmade by mwah. Except for one that was given to me by my pen pal :)
- Black Skinny Jeans: Borrowed from my mum.
- Platform Doc Martens: Solestruck.

Laterz Dweebs xx

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Hey check me out! I'm wearing Meadham Kirchhoff! ISN'T IT PRETTY?!! IT'S SAH PRETTAY!!

It was so exciting putting it on and finding that it fit me perfectly! It also smells really nice, haha. So anyways, I knew that when I was going to post about it I didn't want to put together any plain ol' thang I found in my wardrobe. I wanted to make something new. Something made specifically around my jacket. 

So the first thing I did was search for inspiration. The first place I went to was my Meadham Kirchhoff board on my Pinterest, I not only found some wicked inspo from my favourite collection, but I found my jacket too! SEE!! AHHH! I OWN A PIECE OF CLOTHING FROM MY FAVOURITE COLLECTION EVA! WOOHOO! THANK YOU SO MUCH ED AND BEN! Ahem! Anyways where was I?

So I took a look at the ensemble that my jacket was in on the Meadham Kirchhoff runway (HEH HEH), and saw that the jacket looks quite rad against some yellow. I love my layers of patterns as well, so I dragged out this houndstooth fabric that I've had for a while and came up with this! I was originally going to have a circle skirt and fold up bits to make it look a certain bunched up kinda way which is pretty hard to explain. But I didn't have enough fabric to work with, and ended up with a maxi skirt instead. I then bunched it up and sewed it to make it look like this! Haha, gotta love experimenting, right? I added bits and pieces like bows to the bottom, and tabs with rings so I could add chains or whatever else. I'm really happy with it!

With the bodice I cut the bra in half so my tartan dress could peek out the top. This dress inspired me for this fab idea, hehe. It would be cool if I the dress underneath had a glittery-like bra, but I have to say the red tartan coordinates with the yellow houndstooth pretty well too! I like how it peeks out the bottom as well :3

This jacket is such a pleasure to own! I can't believe I have Meadham Kirchhoff sitting in my bedroom! It's amazing, I can't even, haha. Oh! And another cool addition to this gorgeous jacket of magical fabulous-ness and unbelievably radical Meadham Kirchhoff-ness, is the name Meadham Kirchhoff being skattered all across it! Check it out, peeps! Oh, and I'm wearing my new socks too.

What I wore: 
- Meadham Kirchhoff jacket: A gift from Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff.
- Red tartan dress: Thrifted.
- Yellow houndstooth dress: Handmade.
- Yellow and Red Meadham Kirchhoff socks: A gift from Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff.
- Platform Doc Martens: Solestruck.

Being noticed like this by my favourite designers of all time gets me motivated and makes me want to do even more rad things, and I think everyone else out there should do the same! Thank you so much Ed and Ben for sending me this incredibly cool package! Stay rad!

Laterz Dweebs xx