Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hey look! It's that outfit that I wore that one time for that day when I saw a couple of terribly amazing exhibitions!

Hello human people. 

This is my second city ensemble, brought to you by mwah. Teehee!

 On this particular city day, my way rad family and I saw a couple of extremely amazing and extraordinarily great exhibitions! One being the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition, and the other being the Romance Was Born's Express Yourself Exhibition, which was for kids but who cares? IT'S ROMANCE WAS BORN FOR GOD'S SAKE! HAHA! But anyways, yeah that was pretty amazing! Just to think I stood within a meter away from some Jean Paul Gaultier worn by some seriously famous peeps such as Madonna, Beyonce, Beth Ditto, and Katherine Ringer! Then I stood right next to some Romance Was flipping Born! OH MY GOSH, GUYS! I FANGIRLED SO HARD IT WAS A-MA-ZING!! I'll add some pics at the end of this post :3

What I wore:
- Black crop top: Literally a part of a Bollywood dancing outfit, haha!
- Eye necklace: Handmade.
- Spiky leather jacket: Dangerfield.
- Mickey Mouse skirt: Handmade by my mum.
- Platform Doc Martens: Solestruck.

Here are those bits and pieces of the exhibitions that I promised I'd add right here in this exact spot of this post :)

 The first thing I should tell you about this Romance Was Born Exhibition is that the walls were absolutely fabulous! They were covered in wallpaper which was the same pattern as the fabrics that have been used on garments in their collections! So dreamy!

THEN!! I walked into a room where there was a video playing and whatnot, and the walls were completely covered in wallpaper collaged with all the runway looks that Romance Was Born has made! OH MY GOSH IT WAS AWESOME!

In this amazing room people were getting well crafty. You wanna know what these peeps were making? THEY WERE MAKING FREAKIN' BEARDS! BEARDS WITH POM POMS, JEWELS AND GOOGLY EYES ATTACHED TO THEM! AHHHHH! So anyways, how could I not make myself one, right? Haha! Here, have a selfie :3

This may seem like the end of the exhibition, but there's more! This room I found later on ended up being full of Romance Was Born. Not wallpaper, not beards, but ACTUAL Romance Was Born! Did you hear me? I said I walked into a room full of ACTUAL ROMANCE WAS BORN!!


Ahem! Anyways here are a few pics from the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition...


This punk section was one of my favourite parts. The mohawk game on these mannequins were far stronger than mine, and these boots here on the right were totally rad and I definitely wouldn't mind a pair. Actually, I wouldn't mind a pair of everything in the whole exhibition, haha!

On the left: A truly lovely, and cosy looking garment worn by the one and only Bjork. And on the right: A gorgeous lil thang worn by the unbelievably fabulous Beth Ditto. No big deal y'know. You just cross paths with these kinds of things every day. It's totally cool, bro. Haha!

Well that post was ultra fangirly and full on, haha! This is the end of the post now, so I guess I'll say bye bye and notify y'all that I'm definitely going to write again very soon. Preferably about something extreme and is the biggest thing I've ever fangirled about in the history of things I've ever fangirled about ever. So yah, I'll see you dweebs soon \^.^/

Laterz Dweebs xx


  1. I would seriously die if I got to see those exhibits in real life! I love love LOVE your outfit, too. Especially that handmade mickey skirt<3333

    1. Naw, thank you so much, Tessa, you wonderful lady of radness :3 I think I may have died a few times, I can't really remember, haha!

  2. OMG you're skirt is amazing! ♥ You always have the best outfits, I'm in awe.

    1. OMG, THANK YOU! <3 I find that all the best garments are made from curtains, haha!