Friday, December 12, 2014


Hello people. People who read my blog which is this one right here that you are reading right now at this moment, in this room, at this temperature, on this day. You peeps are probably wondering why I have started this blog post with this photo of a very pretty item which has a Meadham Kirchhoff label attached. Well the reason for this picture of this item is not only because it is Meadham Kirchhoff, but because it is mine. Yes, it is mine, it belongs to me, and I can hold it and wear it and cherish it forever. But be warned, for I couldn't buy this item myself. It is too amazing, fantastical, full of magic glitter, and is quite expensive. No, the only way I could've received this, is if it got sent to me as a gift. Probably not from my Grandma or my Auntie, or my friends or teachers from school. But from the one and only Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff themselves.

You guys could probably already tell that this is that really exciting post that I've been wanting to post and is full of too many fangirl vibes, because MY FAVOURITE DESIGNERS IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE SENT ME A GOD-DAMN PACKAGE FULL OF AMAZING STUFF AND THINGS AND I'M FINDING IT REALLY HARD NOT TO PASS OUT EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT AHHHHHHH!!! 

Yeah guys it was pretty extreme. I've been wanting to post about this for so long but this package turned up during my week of exams and I wanted to make something to go with this magical item and the weather has been shitty all week so I couldn't take any decent pics, UGH! ANYWAY, lets stop going on about why I couldn't post this post and lets get on to ACTUALLY WRITING IT!! 


Okay so this whole thing started after I posted my D.I.Y Meadham Kirchhoff shoes for my school formal on my Instagram and I got a comment telling me to email this Meadham Kirchhoff email address. At first it sounded too good to be true so I didn't fangirl at all, haha. So I emailed them to see what was happenin' and got a reply...

"Hi this is Ben from Meadham Kirchhoff - We came across your Instagram and really liked it - Edward and I wanted to send you something and wanted to know your address. 
Best, Ben. x"

Oh man, the tears of happiness and fangirl-ness that burst out of my eyes after I read that. You guys wouldn't believe it, haha! So I replied back letting them know how much I fangirled, gave them my address, and then asked if they've seen my handmade Meadham Kirchhoff overalls. Afterwards I got an email from EDWARD saying how flattered he was and that he was impressed! He even mentioned me on his Instagram saying that my overalls were the best D.I.Y of his original that he'd seen! OH GOSH. IT WAS ALL TOO MUCH. That was enough for me. But no, I seriously had to convince myself that there was more! THE PACKAGE! It turned up a few weeks later and was WAY bigger then what I had expected it to be. Even the tape the package was wrapped in was a definite keeper!

SO PRETTAY!! Ahem, anyways this is what I found in my wonderfully wrapped parcel...

Don't worry, this isn't all you'll see. HERE ARE SOME CLOSE UPS OF THE CONTENTS, YAY! (Caution: This is gonna be a long post but if you love Meadham Kirchhoff as much as mwah you wouldn't give a damn :3) 

(Click on the fabulous photos to get an even closer look, my peeps!)

So the first thang I pulled out was a Meadham Kirchhoff totebag supported by Topshop! AHHH! I opened it and found a bunch of booklets and invitations from a few of their runway shows!!

The invitations opened up in such rad ways! The one to my favourite collection (Fall 2012) would have to be the coolest one!

Here's the invitation for the Spring 2012 collection.

Oooo, that one's just as gorgeous as the actual collection, hehe.

This next invitation is from the Spring 2013 collection. I read in an interview in AnOther Magazine about this collection, that the artwork for this invitation (and I quote) "is an obvious and literal metaphor for how I (Edward Meadham) feel about my life; the trap or cage relates to the prison of my own brain, the cycle of fashion, the collection itself, the absolute inability to escape." 

These next two invitations are from the Menswear Spring/Summer 2013 collection and their newest Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

It's amazing to be able to own these! Like, for reals. \^.^/ Even to be able to own these two gloriously fabulous pairs of socks too! Hehe, I'm keeping the packaging forever, ugh.

As you saw at the beginning of this gorgeous post full of all the fangirling that has ever existed in the universe, I was given a jacket as well! But this post was a bit longer than I thought it would be and I'm going to post about my jacket and the outfit I made to go with it tomorrow. I also wanted to show you my new haircut too! So here's a lil snippit!

YAS! I finally got my hair done! I feel like when my hair grows a bit and thickens a little, my doo will look exactly as I wish! I feel french, like Catherine Ringer, haha.

Laterz Dweebs xx


  1. I would die for anything from Meadham Kirchhoff!! Your new hair looks amazing <333

    1. Thank you so much, Tessa! I definitely remember dying this time, haha! Oh man, Its cray-zay <3