Monday, December 1, 2014

My T-Shirt Game

Hello lovely blog readers! I have so many things that I want to blog about after these few weeks full of studying and exam-ing, especially this one thing in particular. OH MY GOSH, I SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT TO BLOG ABOUT IT!! AHHH! GET EXCITED, PEOPLES! Ahem, anyways I have quite a few outfits that I am really happy with and that I am excited about posting on this here blog. Starting with this little outfit I put together with my new hair colour, REDDDDD! I was thinking about the colours I have been and the ones I haven't. Then I thought of all those fab haired gals out there on the interwebs and whatnot, and I instantly thought, "ARABELLE SICARDI'S RED HAIRRRRR"

I have always always ALWAYS admired Arabelle's hairdo's. Her red hair has to be my absolute favourite though and so I thought about having a go at red myself! I REALLY LIKE IT! But unfortunately it isn't permanent because it's been coloured in chalks and I would prefer not to wake up every morning with it all over my pillow and whatever else, ugh! Something I'm hopefully going to do is cut my hair into another style! I'm thinking a really short bob with baby bangs, which is something I've been wanting to do for a while but haven't done because I love my hawk to much, hehe. 

I wore this outfit the other night to rollerskating with my buds! This whole weekend seemed like a celebratory weekend for the end of school! We're all on holidays now! WOOOO! I got this Rocky Horror Picture Show shirt the day before at Retrostar when I spent another super fantastic day in the city with my friends Tayla and Will. In fact, my t-shirt game (if that's even a thing, haha) has been getting even stronger with a bunch of new tees I've been bought lately! Gotta love rad t-shirts, right? :)

What I wore:
- Rocky Horror Picture Show tee: Retrostar.
- Tartan skirt: Thrifted.
- Platform Doc Martens: Solestruck.

All this time I haven't been posting I've been listening to a lot of Arctic Monkeys (OH MY GOD ALEX! YOU EXTREME BABE!!), Kings Of Leon, and No Doubt, which makes me really REAAAAALLY happy and puts me in ultra fangirl mode! Like, for reals :3 I grew up listening to No Doubt and maybe that's why. I spent about two or three weeks listening to them and watching their everything! My favourite song in the whole wide universe during my newest No Doubt phase was their song 'New'. The music video is so rad and UGH!! I can't even :)

Laterz Dweebs xx


  1. OH my goodness, this hair color looks so great on you- especially the fact that they're just chalks! I'm super excited to see your new posts!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Tessa! I have to say that you look extra fab with blonde hair! I love it! <3