Monday, December 29, 2014

The ensembles you missed - Part 1

Hey dweebs! As you can see, it is the end of the year! The end of 2014! WOOHOO! I think this year has been a crazy good and important year for me. I feel like I've grown so much in just a year. My style has grown, I've gotten WAY more into music, I've written on my blog loads more, I have made quite a few seriously cool friends and have gotten out into the world and have had so much fun! Also, I can't forget receiving a special package from the one and only Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff, right? Hehe :3 Being younger, I don't think I could imagine this very year turning out this rad. Being in the group of friends I am now, dressing like I do, listening to the music I listen to, and having a Lime Crime lipstick collection this big, haha. I'm very very excited about what is yet to come.
Now something I believed I've improved doing this year is putting together fabulous ensembles. I've always shown you on this here blargh of mine my favourite outfits I've put together throughout the year. But a few ensembles I haven't shown you yet, is what I've worn to my free dress days at school, which are days that I always get seriously excited about. I've photographed every outfit I've worn to these exciting days of fun and rad-ness so I could post about them at the end of the year, and that time is now! YAY! I made two separate posts about them because its all way too much to put into one, so yah.

I didn't take too many photos of this outfit because the eye makeup made my eyes look funny, haha. I didn't wear this makeup to my first free dress day because I wasn't too into makeup then. I took the opprtunity to add this fab but not so fab makeup for the photos because I didn't come up with the idea of making this post until my second free dress day, soooooo yah.
The dress code was "colourful". I was going to wear this seriously colourful dress with these gogo boots (I even wrote a page or two in my art journal about this free dress day, remember?), but I ended up thinking how uncomfortable wearing a strapless dress at school would be, and I ended up wearing lots and lots of pink instead.

What I wore: 
- Ice cream earrings: Diva.
- Pink leather jacket: Thrifted.
- Badges: Thrifted.
- Meadham Kirchhoff overalls: Handmade.
- Bracelets (OMG! LOOK AT MY BRACELET GAME! HAH!): Handmade and a gift from my pen pal.
- Gogo boots: Thrifted.

My second free dress day theme was, get ready for it......OP-SHOP!! IT WAS SO DAMN PERFECT!!! ERMAGHERD! I guess I could've worn anything I wanted since half of my wardrobe is practically thrifted, but I decided to really try and make it op-shop-ish. The weather was quite chilly as well, so I had to be warm. I was kinda looking for a stylish hobo kind of vibe, ya know? I spent quite some time looking for what to wear. I looked through my mum's closet as well as mine, and eventually found something cosy and op-shopp-y! This shawl I found really helped me out because until I found it I was pretty stuck on where to go next with my outfit. It was also super warm, and collaborated well with my handmade plaid/tartan skirt, which I guess looks pretty hobo-like.

Other than accomplishing my stylish hobo-ness, I made this outfit pretty interesting... making another outfit underneath my shawl! I love it when you end up having two outfits in one, because I feel like it isn't easy to make them both equally rad. So you feel like you are a professional stylist or something, haha lol.

Everyone found my Lydia Deetz neckalace terrifying, haha! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

What I wore:
- Lydia Deetz necklace: Handmade.
- Shawl: Borrowed from my mother.
- Black crop top: From a bellydancer outfit, HAH.
- Suspenders: Borrowed from my mother.
- Ring and bracelets: Thrifted, handmade, and gifts.
- Plaid/tartan hobo-esque skirt: Handmade.

I'm hoping I'm organised and get the second half of this post posted tomorrow!

Laterz Dweebz xx


  1. Wow wow wow, I'm obsessed with your handmade (??? how ???) MK overalls and that grey sweater wrap!! <3 Can't wait to see what you will bring to 2015!

    1. Awh, thank you so much, Tessa! :3 My mum did all of the appliqué (which is something I'm hoping to get better at) because it's really hard to do. And then she told me how to sew the rest of it all together! It was pretty fun making actually. Also I can't wait to see what you do this year as well, you fabulous gal you! <3