Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The un-accidentally stolen pants

Heyyyy! This outfit is one of two that I wore out to tha citay with my bitch (aka my mum)! I'm really into this one, dudes!

I un-accidentally stole these pants from my mums wardrobe whilst in my newest No Doubt faze. I wanted to dress like Gwen dressed in the Spiderwebs music video and knew that mum owned these perfect pants and that they needed to be stolen instantly! #soznotsoz

I based the whole outfit around these fab pants of fab-ness and my blue Lime Crime lipstick because it's my favourite thing to wear on my face :) I was totally stuck on what to wear as a top though! I wanted to show off a bit of my tummy but all of my crop tops seemed really plain and bleh. Sooooo I somehow found this "The Kills" shirt at the bottom of my bottomless draw of tops and thangs, and my dear mother cropped it up for me and IT TOTALLY PERFECTED THE WHOLE LOOK AHHHH! It was exactly was I was looking for, wooo! Yays for days!

 This whole shirt shenanigan is what made me wanna make my t-shirt game way stronger! Shirts are the biz :3

What I wore:
- The Kills now-cropped tee: Thrifted.
- Transparent backpack (WHICH IS SLOWLY FALLING APART NOOOOO!): Dangerfield.
- Belt, bondage Straps and chain: Borrowed from my mother of lovely-ness-ness-ness.
- Tartan pants: Un-accidentally stolen from my mum's wardrobe which is really really hard not to steal from (cue sarcasm).
- Platform Doc Martens: Solestruck.

Here's a couple of fun selfies from the radical city day!

Laters Dweebs xx

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