Friday, January 23, 2015

My park outfit, featuring Rik Mayall

Hello again! Here's a cute lil outfit I put together not too long ago after I realised I owned this skirt, haha :)

As you could probably guess, I thrifted this skirt a couple of years ago and have only just decided to do something with it, haha. I always liked when it sat perfectly around my waist but it was a bit big, so I used to tied it up at the side. But now I've gotten off my ass and taken it in. GO MOTIVATION!!

Do you see what I see? I'M WEARING MY DUCKIE DALE PIXIE BOOTS AGAIN! WOO! I finally got my dad to fix them up for me after I thought they would look extra perf with this new ensemble. Aw, I really truly missed them so very much. <3

With all of these outfits I've been puttin' together recently with my fancy dressn' up skillz, I've been cutting up old shirts and making them look all brand new. Like this Drop Dead Fred shirt that I adore to pieces! (The last time this shirt was seen on this blog was about two years ago, HAH!) I've been a total mess because haven't been able to wear it due to a few bitchy stains, SO MUCH UGH! But then I realised I could've cut them right off. And that, my friends, is when my Rik Mayall shirt came back to life! (Unfortunately, I couldn't say the same about Rik Mayall himself. *cries forever and ever*) You could even say it was....REBORN!!!

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago at the park with my friends, where we had a seriously wonderful time. We chilled out on the grass, listened to some tunes in the best climbing tree evaaaaa, and this lovely old lady even stopped walking to tell me I looked beautiful. How lovely is that?! She was really very tremendously nice, and made my day :) Hello, lovely old lady! If you are reading this I just want to say you are the most wonderful person. Thank you so so sooooo much! You are way up the top of my 'lovely people who give me nice complements' list :3

What I wore:
- Great big bow: Handmade.
- Drop Dead Fred Shirt: Bought from Dangerfield and cut up.
- Domo backpack: Thrifted.
- Skirt: Thrifted.
- Duckie Dale pixie boots: Retrostar.

Laterz Dweebs xx

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My terribly cosy and stylish as heck pants, which were thrifted.

I've been wanting to post about this outfit for quite some time now. Ever since we hit 2015, Oopsies. Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This here is what I wore on New Years Eve when I waltzed right into the city with my wonderful city friends! Where we adventured from shop to shop spending our moneys on the coolest stuffs (including food, because food is cool) and doing other fun rad thangs of ultra awesomeness \^.^/

As always we started our city adventure with Starbucks (YUMMMMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM). Then we skipped from store to store, spending about an hour in JB HI-FI where I bought myself a couple of rad records (Horrorpops - Hell Yeah! And Arctic Monkeys - Humbug), and spent quite some time in this music shop we always go to. I got a bit carried away with all of the keyboard effects and whatnot. It was seriously fun, haha.

So anyways, I based my outfit around these pants my mum thrifted for me, which are terribly comfortable by the way! I have been dying to wear these out, because it is a wonderful thing when you find something both extremely comfy and stylish at the same time, ahhh! I've also been wanting to wear this vest for quite some time now, and am very disappointed that I haven't posted about it yet because it it the coolest thing I have possibly ever thrifted!

I was really excited to wear this outfit and was afraid that my Hayley hair wouldn't look too good with it, but it ended up combining FABULOUSLYYYYY! (When I wrote that I imagined yelling it in a really high pitched tone, haha!)

Something else I was really excited about wearing with this outfit was my makeup! As usual, haha! This look gave me the chance to wear one of my brand new Velvetines! This one is called Salem, AND IT'S SAH PRETTAYYY! I love Lime Crime Velvetines so much and their matte look! (If you haven't already noticed, haha) I CAN'T BELIEVE I OWN FOUR OF THEM! EEEEP! Anyway, I'm quite happy with how my (EYEBROW TALK ALERT) eyebrows are looking lately and I love wearing these cute lil gems on my eyes, hehe. I'm also wearing a FAKE septum ring, ahaha. I've actually been thinking about getting a REAL one, but I don't know how it would look on me if my hair wasn't dyed a slinkster cool colour, with a shweet outfit, and seriously rad makeup while at school. BLEH! So yeah, still thinking about it. My oh-so lovely friend, Tayla, told me it was the most painful piercing she has ever had. Haha....ha.....ha............ha, oh :/

What I wore:
- Fake Septum ring: Borrowed from my cool as heck mum.
- Cool green fluffy vest: Thrifted.
- Necklaces: Borrowed from my mammy :)
- Black crop top: I've said it many times and I'll say it again. It's a part of a Bollywood costume. Lol.
- Really comfy and stylish pants: Thrifted.
- Platformed Doc Martens: Solestruck.

I will most likely see you rad peeps very soon because I have a few ensembles I desperately want to share! Soooooo......YAYS!

Laterz Dweebz xx