Sunday, March 29, 2015

An outfit with an incredibly unsatisfying amount of layers in it but is still totally blog-worthy

Hello, my patient lil dweebs! ^-^ I'm finally back from my unexpected hiatus, haha. The first thing you might have noticed about me here is my new-but-not-so-new hairdo! It's quite hard to believe that four months ago I had a full mohawk, wow! Anyways, during my unintentional blogging break I got the Hayley Williams vibe-y hair dye taken out and went blonde again. I'm hoping to go a more platinum blonde soon but my hair isn't looking too good healthy-wise, oops :/

Hmmm, so what's new? I guess quite a few things are happening at the moment, things that you guys will eventually find out about over time :3 Oh! I have gotten back into drumming! Which is pretty damn fun and I'm loving every rad-as-heck minute of it! So. much. yessssss! In the first or second week back of school, the band I'm in (from my music class. AKA, the only band I'm in, haha!) is going to perform in the courtyard during one of these many lunchtimes for cool people to tap their foot to, possibly dance amazingly stupid to, and hopefully-not-throw-fruit-that-nobody-wants-to-eat-because-it's-fruit-ew to. Haha! So yeah, that's pretty exciting! I haven't been very creative lately due to my laziness, and when I'm not being lazy I'm homeworking...hard. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things sewing-wise very soon. I only just started holidays so that's a cue for me to get motivated, HECK YAYAH!!

This dress is something new! I thrifted it from an op-shop that I always complain about because I never EVER find anything good in there. But ever since I found this dress, all I've been finding in there is seriously rad stuffs, hmmm weird :/ Anyways, when I found it I used my observation skillzzz and realized it was totally homemade (I'm specifically hoping it was made from a cute old grandma. Or even FOR a cute, old, and overly-nostalgic grandma for when she was a cute young gal, hehe)! It fits me so damn perfectly and I always feel crazy awesome in it! Hot damn I just adore it so much!

What I wore:
- Dress: Thrifted and homemade.
- Doc Martens: Market thrifted.

Wow this outfit has an incredibly unsatisfying low amount of layers in it, what even? Ah well, still blog-worthy :3

Laterz Dweebz! xx