Thursday, July 23, 2015

Keep your electric eye on me, babe.

YELLOOO THERE, FELLOW BLOG READERS!! As you can see I have a rather exciting outfit for you all, which can really only be summed up in one word...... D-A L-I-!-!-!

Hell yeah, how cool?!! Salvador Dali! ON A FREAKING SWEATER!! FOR YOU TO ACTUALLY WEAR......ON YOUR BODY!!! I am quite in love. Unfortunately, it isn't mine to keep, and I didn't make it either. My super talented mother is creating a rather rad line of sweaters covered in incredibly interesting looking humans, and this Dali one is probably one of my favourites so far. So I borrowed it for this amazing occasion! An amazing occasion called the "BOWIE IS" EXHIBITION!!!

This David Bowie exhibition has to be the most amazing and breathtaking exhibition I have ever laid my eyes on. I really couldn't believe that I was in the same room, and only centimeters away, from things Bowie has worn. Things Bowie has painted. And most importantly, things Bowie has left his lipstick stains on. I even nudged my mum every once in a while when we passed lyrics Bowie wrote in his little diary's and I would say "Hey Mum, check that out. That's David Bowie's handwriting." It was overwhelming! Man, just thinking about it puts me in a serious fangirl overload. I may faint. Send help. 

So yeah, I totally went to the David Bowie exhibition, which should be a crime to be as incredible as it was. But anyways, I needed an eye-catching outfit for the occasion, and so this is what it was and what it was always going to be. My mum and I have been planning our outfits for this day since ages and ages ago. My black skinny jeans and kick-ass Buffaloes were of-course the only exception for this ensemble. Have I mentioned that I love this sweater?

You may not have noticed (because my hair is the same colour as it was in my last post), but I finally got my hair done! In between my last blog post and now, my hair was a bit ew and I really wasn't feeling the slightest bit fab. So I eventually got it chopped and dyed. Did you hear that? D-Y-E-D. Not coloured with chalks. Dyed. And I love it so much! I really really really like the orange, maybe a bit too much. This isn't the original hair plan that I have been planning for quite some time (those plans are postponed for another time) but this hairdo is just as great, and when your hair is great, YOU feel great. Well that's my opinion :)

You want to know what else is great? Chocolate Frappuchinos from Starbucks. Jus sayin'

What I Wore:
- Duckie Dale Glasses: Thrifted.
- Salvador Dali sweater: Handmade by my darling mother.
- Black skinny jeans WITH POCKETS: My brothers, lol stolen (^-*)d
- Black Buffalo's: Ebay.

Laterz Dweebz xx

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