Friday, July 24, 2015

Oh, you pretty things!

Something that could have just been a joke turned into a reality and that makes me so happy, haha :3 Oh, do care to let me explain!

Well it was the holidays not long ago and I was literally getting motivated and making things. This of course was a very exciting moment for me, haha. So I sent out a quick Snapchat that I was (and I quote) "making another one of my worlds famous necklaces!"
My oh-so darling friend, Charlee, replied to me and asked if it was of her face. We both laughed, I said it wasn't, and then we both eventually agreed that I totally should make her a necklace...of her face. And so here it is! Haha! 

Before I handed over this wonderful creation to my wonderful lady of wonderfulness, I agreed to put together a fab ensemble for it and blog away to my heart's content! Which I really didn't mind doing considering I've had this dress that I have been meaning to show you all as well. 

I got this gorgeous blue dress from (can you take a guess? Haha.) DAAAAAANGERFIELD! YAY SO FAB! I actually got it for a rather large discount, wow cool as :3 I love the colour, and especially with my orange do! It's rad, I adore it quite a lot. Hehe :)

What I Wore:
- Blue dress: Dangerfield.
- Necklace of Charlee: Handmade.
- Platforms: Handed down from my mum.

I'm so very proud of how this necklace turned out, and I can't wait to show you the other one I made just before this one, which is......DALI! Haha, yes he shall make yet another appearance on this blog of mine. Hehe :3 He's such a character! 

Laterz Dweebs xx


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