Tuesday, September 15, 2015


YO! YO! YO! Here's that necklace that I've been dying to post about since I posted about the last necklace I made, which was of my friend Charlee! :3 Now, I've got my very own necklace of...


I love Salvador Dali with a passion! He's so kooky and unbelievably strange, he's fantastic! I've worn a sweater of him, I've now got a necklace of him, and I'm thinking of making another garment with Dali's oh-so characteristic face on it. Hmm, more on that later. But for now...LOOK I'VE GOT A SALVADOR DALI NECKLACE! HEHEHE!

Also, I am so incredibly in awe with this lipstick which I have owned since forever and haven't really worn at all, oops. When I applied this gorgeous product the other day I gasped in horror because I hadn't worn it all the god-damn time like I probably will now since it's most definitely my favourite lipstick at the moment. I'm always finding the most kooky lil ladies wearing this rad shade of lippy and now I'm probably gonna end up finding as many excuses to wear it as possible, because I am in  L-O-V-E. <3

This looks like an awkward school photo, but I kinda like it, hehe :3

Laterz Dweebz xx

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