Thursday, October 22, 2015

Date With The Night.

Here it is!! The Dali dress I was going on about making, which I made in under a week by the way, heh heh *flicks dust off shoulder*

I have been planning to make myself this dress to wear at a friend's party (you could even call it a...Date With The Night! *cough cough* Yeah Yeah Yeah's reference *cough*) for quite a while, but I'm a procrastinate-y teenager so I didn't decide to do anything until the week the party was on ahahaha, oops. TYPICAL.

So anyways, I had a deadline and that really got me motivated. Which is fantastic because it finally got me off my lazy ass, and getting motivated makes me quite the happy human being. Sounds weird I guess, but yeah haha. 

So I started this dress off by tracing my darling mother's Dali design (the same design she created and used to make this jumper) which I then painted and appliqu├ęd. I was pretty impressed at how it turned out to be honest! You could guess I had pretty low expectations haha. 

I then whipped up a skirt out of the best material which doesn't wrinkle (HECK YESSS, THAT'S ALWAYS GOOD) and a couple of suspenders which I then sewed to the skirt and to Dali's face. And yeah, you've got yourself a dress you've been planning to whip up for quite some time. Woohoo!

Also, check out that sexy zipper! Pretty proud of that haha.

As you can see I'm still deeply in-love with my black lipstick, UGH BAE <3

I have quite a lot of stuff and thangs to blog about, which is exciting! But I don't know if I'll be able to get around to doing it soon due to *gasps* .... exaaaammmmmmssss. Ew.

Laterz Dweebz xx

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