Monday, December 7, 2015

Art Assignment Realness - Part One.

This year I totally aced my final art class assignment at school and was super duper proud of myself! (Psst, I got 55/60!!! SO GOOD, RIGHT??!! HELL TO THE YES! SO GOOD!) What my class had to do was to create 20 artworks based around a theme, and mine (of-course) was FaShIoN!! I'm happy with every single artwork I completed and wanted to share it with y'all. OH, and I can't forget to mention I aced my art exam as well. 65/70. Aha aha aha *brushes dust off shoulder* ... SO HAPPY. 

Also because there are so many artworks, I'm going to split the posts into a Part One and a Part Two. SO ENJOY PART ONE, MY LOVELIES! <3

So uh, I'm off to a bad start here, haha! This first artwork is probably my least favourite out of the pack. Although I didn't dislike it enough to scrunch it up and throw it into the closest bin. This is the gorgeous and well dressed @aliencreature who I constantly stalk on Instagram because of her pretty cool aesthetic and her wardrobe of garments I seriously wished belonged to mwah :3

This photograph has always been a favourite of mine. This photograph of Arvida Bystrom in Meadham Kirchhoff which was found in RookieMag. How perfect is that sentence? Quite perfect indeed if I don't say so myself, hehe. AHEM! Anyway, this picture being a favourite of mine, I just HAD to paint it. And when I say paint, I mean to majestically splatter it in brightly coloured inks. UGH I LOVE INKS SO MUCH! THEY DRY UP SO COOL AND PRETTY!

This little messy delight here is of one of my favourite human's in the entire universe, Noel Fielding! I decided to paint Noel like he would do in his own rad painting style, and in his fantastic Bas Kosters dress with Noel's own wonderful face on it! It's impossible for this picture to get any better, am I right?

I need to make myself a dress like one of these because they're super cute! Ah!

COLUMBIA, OH YOU FABULOUS DARLING OF A LADY! There is no way Columbia couldn't be featured in my folio. And she only could have been painted in one way and one way only...WITH GLITTER! *.*

This here is my own little creation. Just a few cute lil outfits that I'm hoping to make for myself in the near or not-so-near future, hehe.

I really like what I did in this here artwork, and what I did was mash up two images into one. Yeah sure that sounds messy, but have a look for yourself! I adore Sarah Woolley and her love for wigs and fabulous outfits, but I felt like this ensemble could do justice in a different pose, and so the pose in the other image is what I used to show off Sarah's Discount Universe realness. GREAT IDEA, AMIRITE? YEAH IT'S PRETTY GREAT. HAH. 

I WAS TOTALLY GOING TO GLITTERISE THIS ONE! *sighs* Ah well, it still looks aight. Haha! I've pretty much made the backgrounds in all my paintings watercolour. AND I'M REALLY OKAY WITH THAT! Watercolours are my true love, ugh <3

I feel like it isn't right to call this a painting of a couple of models wearing Meadham Kirchhoff backstage at a runway show because these two models wearing Meadham Kirchhoff backstage at a runway show don't have bows on their outfits like in the original image of the two models wearing Meadham Kirchhoff backstage at a runway show. But ah well, I'm still quite content with it :,)

This tenth artwork is a little something I ended up sketching completely by scratch, soon realizing I was inspired by radical old ladies like Iris Apfel and Ilona who I aspire to be when I transform into a much much muuuch older human in the future, hehe #OLDLADYGOALS. The hair was inspired by the slinkster-cool Willow Smith, as her do is unbelievably rad.


Laterz Dweebz xx

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