Saturday, December 26, 2015



LOOK AT PAUL PANFER! THIS IS PAUL PANFER!! BASOOOOOOOO!!! And if you Dweebs don't know who Paul Panfer is than I am very disappointed in you and command you to watch Episode One of Season Two of Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy RIGHT NOW!...OR EVERY EPISODE THAT IS! Noel Fielding is one of my many Gods who I admire endlessly and fangirl way too much over due to the fact that I'm existing in the same universe as them. AHA I'M NOT CRAZY I PROMISE! HAHAHHAH NOEL FIELDING GIVE ME A FANTASTICAL HUG. I MEAN WHAT? WHO SAID THAT? Not me, pfft. *subtly hugs framed picture of Noel*

So as  you can see I've made myself a Paul Panfer dress, which I made out of an Extra Extra Eeeeeextra Extra EXTRA large shirt and a LOT of acrylic paint. Like, A LOT. I painted every edge of this shirt/dress, AND IT HARDLY WRINKLES WOO!! Probably because I mixed a LOT of water with the paint, yeah that's probably and most definitely the reason why aha :,) BUT I'M STILL AMAZED! The water gave a watercolour-ish effect, with the paint spreading about and doing it's own business and with the colours mashing into one another like it would do on paper, and you guys know how much I love my watercolours, well at least I think you do. Ah well.

When I said I painted all edges of this shirt/dress, I meant it (Well except the whites of the eggs, BUT THAT'S INIMPORTANT, LETS MOVE ON). Here's the back! Which I think I might love better than the front haha! It just really makes me laugh how the puppets' names are Tony Curtis and Curtis Tony. It's brilliant :,)

I knew that coming to Hosier Lane would be a rad spot to take blog photos of my wearable artwork hehe. Everyone thought I had just stumbled out of the walls! Haha!!! I also got asked by someone if I could get a photo taken with them. Wow what an interesting tourist attraction I turned out to be :,)

Not only am I happy with this hand-painted creation of mine which I have sitting on my body-ody-ody, but I'm also very happy with this hand-painted creation of mine which I have sitting on my face-y-acy-acy, Does that work? Face-y-acy-acy? Eh, ah well, haha. Anyway the point I'm trying to make is that MAKEUP IS SO FUN!! *YELPS EXCITEDLY*

So on this gorgeous day out in the fab city of Melbourne the fam and I adventured around until I walked out of Retrostar with several bags of goodies in hand aaaaaand then I practically robbed JB HI-FI of all their Pond vinyl, haha! I really love Pond, they're my favourite band out of all existence of fantastical time right now. OH! And also there's this cute little donut shop we adventured to which had donuts with the most amusing names, but the one in particular that had me at pretzel was "The George Costanza". You guys should also know by now (meaning this very second) that I'm infatuated with Seinfeld.....THESE PRETZELS ARE MAKIN' ME THERSTAY!!!! 

Anyways!!! I hope you Dweebs had a wonderful Christmas, I MEAN FESTIVUS! HAH! And continue to have a fabulous end to the year. I've got SO many handmade garments and such that I super duper need to post about, along with some more Noel Fielding-ness, but for now this is a see you laterz Dweebz! 

Laterz Dweebz xx


  1. WOW!!! It turned out marvelous. You got my inspiration mills working...

  2. I only just discovered Luxury Comedy 2 and was searching the web for anything Paul Panfer and saw your creation! Amazing! I live in Melbourne too, half my wardrobe literally comes from Retrostars Brunswick warehouse sales and George Costanza is also one of my many spirit animals... Love your work! Keep it up�� Liam - Fitzroy,Vic